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I've noticed as the months go by, there is an increasing amount of online pet supply stores that are popping up. With so many store choices it's hard to know which is the best to shop at. A large percentage of those new online stores popping up are 'drop ship' which means that goods are delivered straight from a manufacturer and sold directly to a customer. These 'drop ship' stores can have it's pros and cons. The problems are:

  • No quality checks. The supplier does not see the goods because it is shipped directly to you from the manufacturer.
  •  Part shipment - Meaning items are shipped from multiple manufacturers so you will receive numerous parcels in different time frames
  • No control over the stock. The store you're purchasing from has limited visibility on stock levels.
  • Overpriced items from China eg. AliExpress
  • Stores tend to have no knowledge on the pets and can list unsafe items
  • Product not as advertised. Drop ship stores tend to not be familiar with the supplier and their products - a lot of times, these products could be of low quality or are not as advertised.

So before making a purchase, it is always important to read the FAQS, shipping policies and the item's description. At Bunificent, all our items are carefully trialed and go through extensive quality checks before being listed online and best of all, there is no part shipment involved so you will receive your whole entire order together. As a bunny owner myself, I understand how important bunny health and safety is. I would not list anything that I would not give to my own bunnies.

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April 05, 2018 by Bunificent Treats



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